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Sarah C.1 year ago

We love coming here! Everyone is very gentle and considerate of your comfort, not always a priority at the dentist! My 4 year old has been coming here since he was 3... the dental hygienists and dentists are so sweet to him, he loves going to the dentist and talks about it for weeks before & after an appointment! Highly recommend VIVE for children and adults!

Melody C.6 months ago

It's hard to find a good dentist that accepts mediCal/dentiCal but here it is. Great customer service, pleasant office, and gentle dentists. And if you get a chance to see the panoramic xray, even the robots sound friendly. I had Dr.Jaber as my dentist and even though he looks serious he was nice and took the time to explain everything and even laughed at my lame jokes.

sean i.1 year ago

This office is above and beyond expectations, From the beginning of checking in greeted with a feeling of being family not just a patient or the next dollar coming in. To the xrays the staff was gentle fast and precise. The exam was excellent as the doctor and staff took time to get to know me and wanted to talk to me. The equipment was the standard for this industry. I'm glad I came here and me and my family will be long term patients with this facility. Thank you for caring and treating me and I look forward to the many more visits in the future.

Mel L.1 year ago

I love the dentist that works here. Dr. Eugenie is fast and efficient at taking care of her patients. I would definitely recommend that everyone should come to this place. The staff are also very friendly and nice. The office is super neat and well taken care of.

terron t.1 year ago

Dentist seemed to care about my teeth and made some aggressive recommendations to help preserve my teeth and gums. Also, I like the fact of not double booking appts. I like to get in and out as my time is just as important as the Dentist time. Its appreciated being seen as scheduled and not seating through other peolples appointments. I also take my daughter there as well. Thanks Doc for running a smooth practice.

Lucinda C.1 year ago

As many I don't look forward to going to The Dentist.....but if I had one like Dr.Kim...I would have!😂
It's too bad it took this long to finally get it right!
The Staff made it Welcoming and Comfortable!
I will be back!😁

Bobbi I.1 year ago

Dr. Eugenie is amazing! She has given us personalized care for the work we needed. I am cautious as to who does work on my kids and Dr. Eugenie has been very accommodating to each of their needs. They ask to go back more than any kid should ask to see the dentist. The staff is friendly and helpful. Thank you Dr. Eugenie for making patient care a high priority in your office. We look forward to our appointments.

Thomas B.11 months ago

The experience was exciting. The staff was very professional and very helpful in assisting me with some of my matters